The EHR for Primary Care

Take care of your patients, not your computer.

We’re building the first EHR designed for primary care.
EHRs are too clunky, complicated, and hard to use.

Nearly half of U.S. physicians report being burned out.[1] Many of them say it is because of increased computerization and documentation hurdles.[2] We're making documentation and practice management easier, faster, and simpler to empower physicians to focus on caring for people, not their EHR.

We believe change comes from the ground up.
That's why we're focusing on primary care.

Three-fourths of U.S. practices have fewer than 30 physicians.[3] Additionally, over half of all Americans see a primary care doctor every year.[4] Starting at the front lines of medical care enables us to ensure our solution works and can be scaled.

We need your help to make it happen.
Design and technology are our expertise. Medicine is yours.

We believe in a user-centric design process. We believe this creates the best outcome for you, the user. However, we need your expertise to inform this process. This is why we're asking for volunteers to test designs and give input into the process. You can be a part of creating the next generation EHR.

Future Features

MVP–Early 2020
Intuitive, simple interface
Modular charting and documentation
Narrative focused notes
Medicare compliant data management
Template based documentation
Basic dictation
V1.0–late 2020
Messaging and communication
Calendar and scheduling
Patient management
User roles and permissions
Payment and insurance
Cloud based, HIPPA compliant infrastructure
AI note suggestions and auto-complete
Predictive dictation
Automatic prescribing
Augmented reality visual exams
Full interoperability and API access
Third-party app store
Smart scheduling and checkins
Tele-health support and remote exams
Patient portal
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